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Dark Blade

Dark Blade
Darkus Taylean
Type Darkus Taylean
First appearance TBA
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Power 1000 G
Variations Taylean
Brawler DGK
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Dark Blade is wise and calm when the battle is at its best. He and Ghost see eye to eye on many topics.

His student is Luminous whom he's teaching her how to brawl and use techniques


Ability CardsEdit

  • Chaos Slash: Transfers 400 Gs from opponent to Dark Blade.
  • Phantom Combat: Adds 300 Gs to Dark Blade.
  • Darkness Shield: Nullifies all opponents’ abilities.
  • Ninja Deception: Transfers 300 Gs to Dark Blade for each ability played by opponent in the last 3 turns.
  • Combat Strike: Skips opponent’s next 3 turns.
  • Havoc’s Shadow: Allows Dark Blade to use the effect of opponent’s abilities this ability cannot be nullified.
  • Warrior’s Ghost: Keeps Dark Blade’s G-power 200 Gs above opponent’s Gs.
  • Reflection Shadow: Reverses the effect of all abilities played by opponent in last turn.
  • Silent Ninja: Transfers 600 Gs from opponent to Dark Blade for each ability the opponent played in the last 2 turns.
  • Metal Combat: Switches the combined G-power of the opponent’s Bakugan(s) and Support Piece(s) with Dark Blade’s Current G-power.
  • Blade Reflection: Changes the opponent’s Attribute to Dark Blade’s current Attribute. This ability can be used in any Attribute.
  • Ninja Silence: Nullifies the Gate Card even if it isn’t open and subtracts 500 Gs from each opponent.
  • Stealth Blade: Skips the opponent’s next 4 turns.
  • Stealth Kill: Prevents the opponent from activating: Abilities, Summoning Bakugan, opening Gate Card, or Summoning Support Pieces for 4 turns.
  • Silenced Assault: Drains 500 of the opponent’s Gs for each ability played by opponent.

Fusion Abilities Edit

  • Silent Combatant: Doubles Dark Blade’s Ability affects if the opponent is the same Attribute as Darkus this Ability cannot be countered.
  • Ninja’s Dishonor: If any of Dark Blade’s Abilities after this is played are countered including this Ability the opponent loses 500 Gs for each ability countered.

Gate CardsEdit

  • ​Stealth Assault: Transfers half of the opponent’s Gs to Dark Blade.
  • Assassin’s Silence: Splits Dark Blade into 3 each with Dark Blade’s current G-power the only way to counter this Gate Card is to defeat all 3 Dark Blades.


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