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I am prepared to slit your NECK, friend...


Debut Taming Time
Used By Baku-Cool
Gender Male
Age 30
G-Power 950 Gs
Attribute Hurricanian Darkus Symbol Hurricanian Darkus
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Dark is a Darkus Lythirus belonging to Sir Destruction and hails from Hurricanos in Bakugan: Wind Tamer.


Dark is a ferocious and savage Bakugan, whose style is a combination of insect and reptilian fish. Dark can cut anything up with his big scissor-like hands. He is usually calm, but once he gets angry, he goes on a destructive rampage. He is obsessed with winning and he will use any dirty trick to get the job done.


In Taming Time, Baku-Cool gets even more bad luck, when Dark attempts to kill him. He is revealed to belong to Destructer, and BC decides to bass the battle and allows Darkusinfinity99 to take him down. Dark's opponent is Demon, who defeats Dark within 8 turns. Dark screams out "I WILL HAVE REVENGE!" and leaves with his brawler.

Ability Cards Edit

  • Darkness Necro:
  • Scissor Burst:
  • Destruction Edge:
  • Torture Impact:

Gallery Edit


  • Dark is the first Darkus Bakugan used by Destructer in the series, despite him being a Darkus brawler.

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