Dancing with Dragons
Shockwave Dragon
Season 1
Episode Number 3
Preceeded By Puzzles
Followed By Day of Broadening

Dancing with Dragons is the third episode of Season One of Bakugan: Code Chronicle, and the third episode of the overall series.


Bendo and Airzel-of-Haos introduce Valentin to their friends Blaze, Winx, and Aerin. The two and Valentin explain to the others their battles against Chronicle and his Bakugan. Winx points out that there have been several myserious mishaps occuring all over the world, including the sand of a desert in Africa disappearing to reveal an enourmous crater. Valentin suggests that they go investigate, and the other brawlers agree.

When they get ready to leave, they are challenged by a tall, mysterious, hooded man who calls himself Octavius. Aerin makes a joke on how odd the name "Octavius" is, but the man merely grins and says that he wishes to battle Valentin for "special purposes". Valentin agrees, and the two begin their brawl.

Octavius sends out a Darkus Dharak named Dharan, whose power exceeds that of a normal Dharak. Valentin, remembering that he only has Trick Snapzoid to brawl with, sends Snapz out, much to the disappointment of Bendo and Airzel-of-Haos, since they believe that Snapzoid is weak. The first round flies by quickly, with Dharan easily taking down Snapz. As the second round progresses, Dharan is winning yet again, but the tables turn on him when Valentin uses a new Ability of Snapzoid's, and he thus loses.

In the third round, Snapzoid and Dharak are tied in power. Both struggle to knock the other out, but fail every time. Octavius then says out loud that he and Dharan "will have to go beyond their limits in power", saying so in order to terrify Valentin. He is not terrified, however, and reveals a "trick" he had up his sleeve, which is Snapzoid's deadly poison. Snapzoid's minor outer head, whose teeth are coated in poison, bites Dharan on the neck, poisoning him. Dharan is immoblized and his attacks either die out before they reach Snapzoid or miss. Dharan then succombs to the poison and is beaten.

Octavius congratulates Valentin, and opens a portal, stating that both are needed elsewhere. When Valentin objects, Octavius apologizes for "any inconvenience" and pushes Valentin into the portal, jumping in after him. Bendo and his team are shocked at this, and follow Valentin and Octavius into the portal before it closes.

Meanwhile, in the ruins that house Chronicle and his Bakugan, Chronicle himself points out how it is time for him and his Bakugan to seek out their old home.


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