There's no place for failure! We must win, and so we shall win today.

Dan of Aquos

Dan of Aquos
Portrayer Dan of Aquos
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Maroon/Red
Eye color Golden
Personal information
Allies Firestormblaze, Valentin
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Weapon of choice Bakugan, Katana
Main attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Guardian Bakugan Aquos Marine Freakasaur
Chronological and political information
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First Appearance TBA
Current level:

Dan of Aquos (Real name: Daniel Kuso of Aquatics) is a recurring character on the BakuganHangout wiki. His goal is to become a stronger brawler and even stand a chance against Airzel-of-Haos in a brawl. His guardian Bakugan is Marine Freakasaur.


Dan is 2/4 Gundalian, and 2/4 Human. He has a habit of judging a book by it's cover, except he judges people by their swag. He has more of a Seto Kaiba personality.


Dan was born when a wave of Gundalian lava had engulfed a teenage child who was condemmed to the lowest point of Hell. The molten lava had turned Dan into part Gundalian, Part Human.

Notable QuotesEdit

"You can leave right now, or you can stay to catch an ass whupping from me."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Power to control electricity and Thunder.







Dan has short brown hair with a red streak running down along his bangs and a necklace around his neck. His clothing consists of a blue trenchcoat with light blue trim and a white shirt underneath, grayish-looking pants, and black boots. He also wears a purple sash (or scarf) wrapped around his waist with one end hanging beside his leg. A brown strap goes across his chest to his belt (maybe) that is sitting on top of the sash/scarf. A black band adorns his left arm.


Gate CardsEdit


Gundalian Form

Dino Ranger form

Super Dino form




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