FANDOM I guess there's nothing else to do with you but kick your ass!

—Daichi, to a rival.

Subterra Fangoid2
Type Subterra Fangoid
First appearance {{{First appearance}}}
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Subterra.svg Subterra
Power 750 G
Variations Fangoid
Brawler Blazewind
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Themes Suck A Sage
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Daichi is Blazewind's Subterra Fangoid.


As a Subterra Fangoid he may be the slowest, but he has the strength to destroy a whole asteroid. His moves also can take advantage of land elements.


Daichi is nice to most Bakugan and respects everyone, except the ones that anger him. He tries to make friends with any Bakugan he meets. Like most Bakugan, he loves battling with others, usually ones that are stronger than him. Despite his respect and caring nature, he has quite a temper.


Fangoid used to be with another Subterra brawler. It's also mentioned that he and the original owner had a close relationship, more than a partner, but like brothers. Fangoid's original owner died from an unknown disease and thought he had no right to live for any longer. After a time of depression he wanted to proof to his owner as the best Bakugan in the universe by battling other Bakugan and winning. After becoming obsessed with winning he finally lost against Blazewind and Nixon. He then asked Blazewind if he can join her team and told his story. Blazewind agreed so Daichi became one of Blazewind's.

Ability Cards:Edit

  • Goliath Agony:
  • Thunder Spartan:
  • Rock Dagger: Adds 300 G's to Daichi.
  • Stone Shower: Opponent can't play ability cards for 2 turns.
  • Mountain Punch: Takes off 500 G's from opponent and adds it to Daichi.
  • Frozen Stone: If there is at least 2 opponent Bakugan against Daichi, one of them are frozen for rest of the battle.
  • Steel Armor: Adds 800 G's to Daichi. Aldo adds 100 G's for every ability card the opponent plays.

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