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—Da' athar

Da' athar
Da' athar
Debut An Old Memory
Used By Ventus Killer
Gender Male
Age 56
G-Power 1500 Gs
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Da' thar is Savage's psychotic brother, who wants the dominance over Hurricanos in Bakugan: Wind Tamer. He later teams up with Ventus Killer and his Mechtogan is Spitfire.


A vicious fighter, there is no battle angle which he will not use to attain victory. His fighting style is strong and stalwart and Da' athar uses unusual battle plans to maintain his aggression and beat down his opponents.



Da' athar was going to be the next king of Hurricanos, now that his father had died. Da' athar wanted more than that, however. He wanted total dominance over the dark and light side, and attempted to head to the Doom Dimension to release the Forbidden Bakugan he murdered as a child- Clash. When he was about to walk into a portal, Savage and Razenoid stopped him in his tracks, fighting to the death. Da' athar was kicked in by Razenoid, with him and Savage surviving. They then closed the portal. Razenoid became known as Ruler Razenoid and was crowned, as Savage had no intent to rule Hurricanos.


In An Old Memory, Ventus Killer decides to release a few Bakugan from the Doom Dimension. Sir Destruction then tells him the legend of Da' athar, which he likes. Komodtrix and Roadkill open up a portal, and they wait for Da' athar to arrive. Aquos Rules notices it and used Dragon and Krossbone to take on Overlord- who was stalling them. Baku-Cool and Core defeat Overlord and they try to close it. Savage- who is in ball form comments that he senses something. Da' athar is released, and has became a psychotic beast.

Ability Cards Edit

  • Agressor Bulwark:
  • Spitfire Surge:
  • Darkfire Surge:
  • Last Resort:
  • Psycho Cutter:
  • Flame Dark Assault:
  • Da' athar Drain:
  • Twins From Inferno:
  • Green Flame:
  • Blue Flare:
  • White Blitz:
  • Black Blaze:
  • Guillotine Impact:
  • Reaper Cloak - Blazing Spitfire:
  • Red Shield:
  • Relentless Smasher:
  • Fire Assault:
  • Twisted Magmatic Attack:
  • Rupture Modulation:
  • Megadeth:
  • Magmatic Beserker:
  • Asteroid Ring:
  • Incineration Blast:


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