DIO, real name Danma Kuso [空操 弾馬 (Kuso Danma)], also known as Mag Mel II, is a major antagonist in Eikouden Einferia. He is the leader of the Mephisto Brotherhood that the Order of Grammaton seeks to defeat.

You complete me Shun! That's right...Complete me!!

—DIO, Eikouden Einferia

Deus DIO
The Destroyer
Portrayer {{{portrayer}}}
Physical description
Age 28 (biologically)
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Red (formerly Brown)
Personal information
Allies Mephisto Brotherhood
Enemies Order of Grammaton, Battle Brawlers, Team Einferia
Weapon of choice The Perfect Core
Main attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Guardian Bakugan Judgment Dragonoid
Chronological and political information
Position God Father
Aliases Mag Mel II
Affiliation Mephisto Brotherhood
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Themes Science Will Never Die
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Background StoryEdit

Knowing that there is no way for him to escape the revelation of Mag Mel that swore to return; the eighteen-year-old Dan Kuso left his friends and the limelight of being the universal champion. His Guardian, Fusion Dragonoid, is by his side when he left that one unforgettable boat ride to unknown horizons.

Now, several years have passed and Dan finally reached the age of Gundalian Tyrannt Barodius' death. From the daybreak of his 26th birthday; the hero of the universe found himself unable to escape the inevitable darkness that wrapped itself around his Gate and Key. Days passed and Dan felt that his sanity and goodness is being robbed from him. Like a slow and agonizing torture, he is being pulled into the darkside little by little until he becomes the new God of Darkness. His loyal Guardian mutated and became a creature drenched from a gothic nightmare...far more terrifying than even the infernal steed of the vile man in gold armor.

Two years after receiving the consequence of heroism; the Dark God DIO hovers over the skies in search for his friends...rather, former friends, with whom he aims to share his misery with.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

DIO's God Form appears as an extremely tall man that towers at seven feet in height. He has long brown hair styled as if he was an evil emperor or mythological god. He wears a leather black coat to cover his body that was organically merged with some of the flesh of Judgment Dragonoid. His chest is exposed to show the Perfect Core embedded unto his heart.

Since the Perfect Core became his heart; DIO no longer bleeds and no blood is pumped into his veins; thereby stopping his aging process and making him an immortal.

When it comes to DIO's personality, he has a highly sexualized point-of-view on expressing his affection for his minions or to just about anything. Underneath the seducer is an extremely lonely egotist who gave in to the temptations of the darkside and lost all his sanity and reason.


  • Dio means "God" in Italian. However, DIO is always written in all caps because it is an acronym that means "Dan In Obscura." (Dan in the Darkness).
  • His real name Danma Kuso means Bullet Horse and Honorable Sky, referring to his status as the Hero of the Universe, his unparalleled Brawling skills and his camaraderie with the Battle Brawlers.


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