To have power is one thing, to have strategy is another, but if you have both

it is almost impossible to defeat that who has it.


27 normal human
Portrayer DGK27
Physical description
Age Immortal (Physically 27)
Gender Male
Hair color Silver
Eye color Clear (Red in human form)
Personal information
Allies (His Bakugan)
Enemies All who are against
Weapon of choice Flambert
Main attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus

20px-HaosIcon Haos

Guardian Bakugan Catalyst

Painful Agony Mercy

Chronological and political information
Position Brawler
Aliases DGK
Ghost Knight
Affiliation Currently none.
First Appearance Dead Legends Chapter 8
Themes Enemies
Current level: Unknown.
DGK27 is an immortal Darkus and Haos brawler. His Guardian Bakugan are Darkus Betadron and Haos Dharak. His Forbidden Bakugan is White Naga


DGK has a mostly relaxed, quiet, and serious personality.



Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Can't kill what's already dead."
  • "Only time will tell."
  • "Taking a leap of Faith is like a coin toss. There is a chance you land, there is a chance you will fall but it is your call."
  • If you think about the past too much then you can't move forward.
  • "So quick to judge what I am."
  • "A coin doesn't have one side, and neither do you."
  • "To have power is one thing, to have strategy is another, but if you have both it is almost impossible to defeat that who has it."


Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about DGK27's early life. He doesn't even remember his real name. The only thing he remembers is, his nickname "DGK", and his age before death he was 27. He remembers being some type of a knight mainly his nickname means "Darkus Ghost Knight."


DGK made his first apperence in Dead Legends Chapter 8 along with Painful Agony.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

DGK27 uses a variety of supernatural powers, because he is a ghost.

  • Invisibility: DGK is able to turn invisible, when invisible, he cannot be seen by human eyes or scanning devices. It is quite common for him to make only a part of his body invisible, or make other people/objects invisible with him (only in physical contact).
  • Intangibility: When intangible, he becomes untouchable, allowing him to pass through most objects as if the objects weren't there. He can also make other people and objects intangible when in physical contact with them.
  • Flight: DGK can hover and fly through the air, sometimes at considerable speeds and heights. Also, from time to time, DGK will walk and run on uneven and vertical surfaces as though they were horizontal.
  • Overshadowing: DGK27 can overshadow a human being, animal, or an inanimate object from within by phasing completely into the subject's body, allowing him to completely control their actions. When overshadowed, the subject keeps his or her original form, but his or her eyes and voice will often alter. He can still use his other powers while overshadowing someone. The subject has no memory of what he or she did while overshadowed.
  • Paronamal Strength, Speed, Agility, Dexterity and Durability: He is strong enough to rip titanium in half, though he can always just go through it. He is faster than the average human being, as he is a ghost. He can also take multiple hits, from powerful enemies (including Bakugan) and remain mostly intact (depending on the ability that was used).
  • Regeneration: He's able to heal quickly.
  • Energy Shield: DGK can form an energy sheild, from his hands.
  • Teleportation: DGK27 can teleport on few occasions.
  • Spectral Manipulation: DGK can manipulate the shape of his body.
  • Paranormal Resitance: As a ghost DGK is resistant/immune to several attacks/effects.
  • Planar Walk: DGK27 can stand on, as well as walk along vertical surfaces (such as walls) as though he were held against them by gravity.
  • Reflect Shield: Performing a gesture with his hands, he is able to create a temporary planar shield with the ability to reflect an energy attack back on its user.


As a ghost, there aren't very many things that can hurt him. Since he is an immortal being, he has one fatal weakness. His memory. Should his memory be wiped, unless it is returned to him, he becomes powerless for a time and will eventually die. Another minor weakness is that when unaware, energy hitting him causes pain. He can also be hurt by other ghosts.  


  • DGK has a Black Belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do. He can easily battle in hand to hand combat and defend against most attacks when the attacker is using knives and other weapons.
  • DGK is ambidextrous when it comes to his skills with a knife and a kubaton.


  • Flambert-DGK's main weapon of choice.
  • Knife-DGK's second weapon when he does want or need to use Flambert.
  • Kubaton-DGK's non-lethal pain causing weapon used for selfdefense.
  • Combat Mask-A mask that DGK puts on to turn into his brawler form it scans the Brawl, G-powers, Ability Cards, and Gate Cards. In some cases it acts as a computer.
  • Combat Cards-DGK's long range weapons they are made of metal that can go through the toughest of metals even a tree and can be thrown as far as 100 yrds. His deck of Combat Cards has 52 like a normal deck of playing cards.




DGK has known FSB on BD mostly brawled and is his friend.


DGK brawled Doomplayer back on BD.


DGK thinks of Bendo as a friend and ally.


DGK thinks of Infinity as a friend and ally.


DGK thinks of Nintendo as his friend and ally.

Inazuma11 fangirl123Edit

DGK hasn't known her for long but he thinks of her as a friend and ally.


DGK doesn't know Blazewind too well, but he thinks of her as his friend and ally.

More to come.


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