Haos Aranaut

User of Nature Transformation and Unstable Bodily Transformation

Type Mutated Aranaut
First appearance In the golden age era of Halo Hyme
Gender Male
Attribute [1] Haos
Power 1900 Gs
Brawler None 
Battle Gear Any Battle/Nano gear, as long as its Gundalian
Themes Carnivore - Starset
Main Adversary The members of Halo Hyme

Forced into being a gladiator at birth, Cyrus exhibited exceptional abilities and a reputation for being able to build and repair anything even at a young age. When he was young, Cyrus encountered Name1 and his followers, and he helped them secure the parts they needed for their base by winning the International Gladiator event—only to learn that he had also won his freedom in doing so. Reluctantly leaving his family behind, Cyrus accompanied Name1 and his group to Neathia's capital and participated in the Battle of Battlename1, helping to free Name2's homeworld from the armies of Gundalia.

After the battle ended, Name1 took on Cyrus as his apprentice, and much of the Council of Modes believed that Cyrus was the Chosen One of their prophecy: one who would bring balance to the World by destroying all of their enemies. Name1 and Cyrus had a number of adventures during the decade of training to become a membr of the council, but as the Separatist Crisis threatened to tear Neathia apart, Cyrus was reunited with Name2 when he was assigned to protect her group from assassins. The two grew close during the course of the assignment, though they were caught up in the Battle of Battle2 and the beginning of Battle3. Losing an arm during his battle with Name3, Cyrus received a replacement by synthesizing his genes with the First Dharaknoid, who's scales he had secretly stolen from the Council's Temple. During Battle3, which raged for the next three years, Skywalker was granted the rank of Knight and became known to the public as the "Hero with No Fear." Taking on Bakugan1 as his apprentice, Cyrus fought alongside Name1 and his fellow Order in scores of battles. Throughout Battle3, Cyrus's anger, sense of loss and the side - effects of the Unstable Bodily Transformation pushed him ever closer to evil, and his visions of all his friends dying around him made him desperate to find a way to save their lives. However, as these visions became true, Cyrus finally succumbed to the side - effects of the Unstable Bodily Transformation and began to believe that the world was corrupt and needed a savior to guide all in it to a world of peace. Therefore, he stole the cells of the First Dragonoid and implanted it in himself, with full knowledge that both the first Dharaknoid and the First Dragonoid's cells would give him the power of the Original warrior. However, Cyrus realized he could not complete his plan during what remained of his natural lifespan. He implanted his cells into a young Name4 so that their power would not be lost upon his death and so that Name4 could someday restore Cyrus to life.


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