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Cobalt Drayga
Cobalt Drayga
Used By Valentin
Gender Male
G-Power 530 G
Attribute Matrix Pyrus Matrix Pyrus
Shooting Techniques TBA
Pentameter Readings
Attack 7/10
Defense 5/10
Occupy 5/10
Stand Force 7/10
Control 7/10

Cobalt Drayga is a dragon-like BakuTech who is the Guardian BakuTech of Valentin.



Shooting TechniquesEdit

  • Cobalt Faze: Cobalt Drayga's main defensive shot. He rolls onto the designated Gate Card at top speed while casting an illusion of being covered in fire. When he lands, he creates a special gaseous smoke that completely covers him and the Gate Cards, which is two feet in diameter. If an opponent BakuTech is launched into the smoke, any roll they are part of is slowed down, and also ensures that they have a low chance at standing on the Gate Card.
  • Golden Duty: Cobalt Drayga's main attack shot. As he rolls onto the designated Gate Card at top speed, he is completely covered in gold flames. The flames strike fear into the opponent BakuTech/Bakugan on the designated Gate Card. Cobalt Drayga then rockets off the surface he is on as soon as he is half a foot away from the Gate Card and hits the opponent on that Gate Card. This results in a high chance of knocking off the opponent Bakugan/BakuTech, and a 100% chance of staying on the Gate Card, resulting in a Critical K.O.
  • Searing Riot: An attack shooting technique. Cobalt Drayga is covered in a mystical fire that grows larger as he approaches the designated Gate Card. When he comes into contact with the opponent BakuTech on the designated Gate Card, they are sent flying off the Gate Card, while Cobalt Drayga successfully stands on the Gate Card.



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