Clash of The Ninjas
Me pwn bENDO ROUND 1
Season 3
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"Clash of The Ninjas" is a Season 3 episode of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


It's the day of a large tournament for Bakugan Dimensions, and things aren't looking too good for Bendo. In final preparations for the upcoming matches, he brings his training to the extreme, putting Phos and Titan Z into overdrive. It all comes rushing back to him, and he soon realizes the two don't have the energy for a tournament. Even so, he continues on. As a result, he loses to Ingramhelixx and KyuubiDrago23 both, and goes nearly ballistic. Meanwhile, Firestormblaze is also preparing for the tournament. He waited to the last minute to enter, but still has to train Pyro to the power level he needs to be to defeat whoever he will be facing. When he and Pyro find out they're facing off against Bendo, they almost want to quit. Though they somehow regain some confidence, and decide to give it their best shot. They race to the tournament, trying not to be late, as it is almost time to brawl. When he gets there, he sees Bendo, but with Darkus Bakugan, instead of his usual Pyrus. Seeing their power level he grows arrogant, but still knowing Bendo he would surely have some tricks up his sleeve.


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  • In the original battle between Bendo and Firestormblaze, Bendo uses a Dharak Colossus instead of Ripper.

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