I don't know about you, but I'm not chewing up innocent bystanders in a firefight. Collateral damage is for amateurs, wouldn't you agree?


Haos Vertexx
Type Haos Vertexx
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Gender Male
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 800 (IRL) G
1200 (RP) G
Variations Vertexx
Brawler Firestormblaze
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Ciel is a Haos Vertexx that belongs to Firestormblaze.


The Haos Vertexx known as Ciel, is a Bakugan who is to be feared by his opponents. Impenetrable body armor protects him, while metal spikes and talons from his four enormous arms frighten foes. Energy balls fired one after the other from his four hands relentlessly blast away opposition.


Ciel is a very honorable Bakugan, who is willing to fight to protect the innocent. He usually dislikes fighting on the spur of the moment and when it is for someone's own selfish or evil intentions, which he regards as meaningless. As a castle knight, Ciel has a strong sense of justice, and never allows anyone to get away with their evil deeds. He is fully commited to the greater good, and holds high regard for things such as honor and justice. Ciel has deep hatred for those who are driven by their lust for power.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Volt Shine:
  • Cluster Shield:



  • The French word Ciel or the Italian and Spanish word Cielo, all of which mean "sky." Ciel's name also means 'from heaven, heavenly' in Latin.

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