ChaosEnforcer was the second person to join The Sacred 7. He was the first and only darkus male brawler on the team. He will always be known as second in command. Chaos joined the team in Bakugan Buzz and transferred over to Bakugan Dimensions to keep his position. He is known to be the longest lasting member after Angel. Angel and him were both best friends in real life and virtual life. They knew each other in person and met in the 2nd grade. There friendship still lasts today. ChaosEnforcer left the Sacred 7 in May of 2011, almost before the team itself shut down. Not only did he leave the team but he left the game merely because of no longer having the time.


  • Darkus Dharak
  • C&P Dharak
  • Haos Stealth Dharak
  • Darkus Linehalt
  • Darkus Phantom Dharak
  • Darkus Clawsaurus
  • Darkus Rubanoid
  • Darkus Contestir
  • Darkus Aranaut
  • Darkus Olifus

Brawl RecordingsEdit

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