Channel the Darkness is the fourth episode of Shadow Dimensions.

Channel the Darkness
Season 1
Episode Number 4
Preceeded By Decision
Followed By Wandering


It starts with the demons considering Ricileon's future and past. Mujika brings up the fact that she's a monster deep inside. They all agree to help her control her dark energy. After becoming human, the three tell Ricileon the plan and she reluctantly agrees.

After an hour, they ask her which one can live inside her body instead of the amulet. She picks Sumbato, due to their energy compatability. With her dark energy nearly mastered, Ricileon and the demons relax and continue to worry about Shadow Dimensions. Mujika mentions that the leader had a strange energy pattern when he sensed him before.

It ends with an unknown person (probably the Death Bringers' leader) thinking about the team's defeat.

Characters Seen (In order)Edit





Dekku (Human)

Mujika (Human)

Sumbato (Human)

Death Bringers (Mentioned)

Unknown Person (Possibly leader)

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