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Yes. We could help them out. I haven't had a good battle for a long time!

Celestial Dragonoid, Dead Legends Chapter 10

Celestial Dragonoid
Celestial Dragonoid copy
Type Celestial Dragonoid
First appearance Dead Legends Chapter 10
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Power 1900 G (RP)
Variations TBA
Brawler Dan Kuso
Battle Gear None
Themes None
Main Adversary {{{Main Adversary}}}

Celestial Dragonoid is the evolution of Dan Kuso's Fusion Dragonoid. He will evolve in the comic book prequel of Dead Legends, despite the fact that he already appears as Celestial Dragonoid in Dead Legends.




Bakugan: Celestials RisingEdit

In the final chapter of the comic book, Drago evolves into Celestial Dragonoid upon being gifted powerful energy from the Zeta Core of Helstara belonging to Leonidas, who was Zhach Leonidas at the time. Drago, with the help of Leonidas' new evolution, Astral Leonidas; defeat the leaderless Renegade Brawlers once and for all.

Bakugan: Dead LegendsEdit

In Chapter 10, he battles Skeletal, Harbringer, and their new Mechtogan Seether alongside Astral Leonidas, who summons Leonidas Destroyer. After Leonidas Destroyer harshly takes down Seether, Drago and Leonidas work together to bring down Harbringer.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Star Fire Shutdown:

Gate CardsEdit



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