Celeste Brynhild [天 (セレスター)ブラインヒルド Seresuta Burainhirudo] is the Guardian Bakugan of PJC.

Celeste Brynhild
The Celestial Punisher
Type Defense and Occupied BakuTech
First appearance TBA
Gender Female
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 1800 G
Variations None
Brawler PJC
Battle Gear Not compatible
Main Adversary Magus Dallas


Brynhild appears as a beautiful woman with silvery blue hair, green eyes and shapely body build. Her armor and outward appearance makes her resemble a Valkyrie.

In her Bakugan form, she equipped with two light sabers, one that shines in blue light and the other in white light.

Like Magus Dallas, Brynhild can undergo a Human disguise as a woman named Leblanc [ルブランク Ruburanku]. She noticeably sounds similar to a certain "God." As Leblanc, she wears a dainty dress, pillbox hat and a scarf made of wolf's fur.


Bryhild does her best to appear emotionless and is wholly focused on serving PJC's goals, whatever they may be. She favors the use of bladed weapons made of pure light energy and dislikes for Guns partly because of her former companion whom she believed to have betrayed her.


  • The Kanji Character for Celeste 天 (Ten) means Heaven.
  • Brynhild is based on the Valkyrie Sisters of Valkyrie Profile (particularly Hrist/Ahly) and Sophie of Team Excalibur from Beyblade Metal Saga.

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