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407px-Haos Braxion
Type Haos Braxion
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Gender Male
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Power 830 G
Variations Braxion
Brawler Guardian Angel
Battle Gear Gold Lanzato
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Main Adversary Brax
Braxius is a Haos Braxion. He was the goodness in Brax, in his own Mechtogan form.


Braxius, was created from the back of Brax's mind. It was the goodness inside of him. The goodness he kept locked inside.


Unlike Brax, he is not flirtatious, and is respectful. He embraces his 'cuteness'. He is a loving, caring, and responsible Mechtogan. Though he can get his bolts in a bunch, when Brax calls him girly.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Golden Anchor: Nullifies the opponent's Ability Cards.
  • Mech Lock Shield: Nullifies the opponents Ability Card, and adds 600 Gs to Braxius.
  • Anti-Spark: All non-Haos Bakugan lose 700 Gs.
  • Mech Shock: Braxius gains 800 Gs.
  • Phantom Blockade: Nullifies all non-Haos abilities.



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