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Blitzkrieg Arya
PG Custom
Debut TBA
Used By Icefern
Gender Female
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Variations Spatterix

Blitzkrieg Spatterix Scorptak

G-Power 1200 G
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
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Status Alive
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MechFrame Edoc'sil
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Blitzkrieg Arya is the evolution of Arya, and is still capable of fusing with Lixephrus to form Phasor. Her Mechframe is Edoc'sil.


With mach speed, Blitzkrieg Arya is almost unmatched. She commonly grapples aerial enemies with her extendable arm.


Like her preevolution, Blitzkrieg Arya is still strongly defiant and fierce.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Fading Hope- The opponent loses half of it's current G-Power and cannot activate abilities for five turns. This ability cannot be negated or destroyed.
  • Deathly Midnight- The opponent cannot activate any abilities for five turns. Blitzkrieg Arya gains 400 Gs each turn until this ability loses it's effect.
  • Impurification- All Bakugan return to their base level. Blitzkrieg Arya gains 1,000 Gs. The opponent loses 500 Gs. This ability cannot be negated or destroyed.
  • Grapple Mangler- The opponent loses 400 Gs each turn for five turns if their current G-Power is over 2,000 Gs. If not, than Blitzkrieg Arya gains 400 Gs each turn instead until the fifth turn is over, or until Blitzkrieg Arya is over 3,000 Gs (does not count if Blitzkrieg Arya is already over 3,000 G).
  • Demonic Chaos- Any abilities the opponent activates after this ability will backfire. Four abilities activated before are removed from the game.

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