Better, Badder, Stronger
Season 3
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"Better, Badder, Stronger" is a Season 3 episode of Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows.


One of Nuzamaki90's Bakugan spawns a Mechtogan Titan. That Mechtogan Titan, is a Faser Titan, called The Bird. While newly spawned it is weak, but is still stronger, bigger, badder, and faster, than most Bakugan around. Nuza's ready to take The Bird out for a spin, and see what it can do. He faces many brawlers, and wins some and loses others. He then comes around to his friend, Firestormblaze. Blaze is armed and ready, with his Subterra Bakugan, and is ready to rock. It's a fight to the finish, with Rebellion verses The Bird. In an intense battle, the outcome is clear, and Rebellion is victorious.


  • ScarRedNovaDragon, Clear Avior, and Clear Helix Dragonoid verses Nuzamaki90, The Bird, and Ventus Zenthon Titan: Scar wins due to the immense power level of his Clear Bakugan.
  • Firestormblaze, Rebellion, and Tierra, verses Nuzamaki90, The Bird, and Ventus Zenthon: Firestormblaze wins due to his immense power level.

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  • It was originally Pyro, and Brax who faced The Bird, and Nuza's Blitz Dragonoid; but it was rewritten with Rebellion, and Tierra.

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