Beta's Throne Room
The Throne
Vital statistics
Location Psychic's Base
Position Throne room
Inhabitants Beta, Subterra Vertexx (partially), The Psychic Master (rarely)
First Appearance Tournament Winner
Beta has a throne room in their base.


It is gothic and dark themed and has a huge skeleton statue in the middle. Beta believes it is "his treasure" and has high security on it, including chains, metal walls, mines and lasers to protect others from entering it. Beta, Subterra Vertexx and The Psychic Master are the only people with permission to enter. It has a hallway too


In Dark Rise, Beta keeps bugging the other Bakugan to build him a throne room.

In Tornament Winner, the other lose their temper and build it in order to shut Beta up. After Firestormblaze wins a tournament and defeats LordDarkus, they finish it much to Beta's pleasure.

In Beta vs. Balista, Balista enters it with Psychic's permission, only to be knocked out by Vertexx. Vertexx takes Aquos Balista in there to report him to Beta. Balista also finds the dead body of Savage-Darkus, who shouldn't have a corpse. Inside the room both Vertexx and Balista are killed, before Beta evolves into Dark Beta.

In Black Angel's Good Side, Beta and Storm battle, destroying Beta's throne in the cross-fire. Black Angel later buds into the brawl to kill Storm, thus being betrayed by Beta. The brawl between Black Angel and Beta destroys everything except the hallway to it.

Items inside itEdit

  • Skeleton statue (in the hallway)
  • Hanger (to put Savvie's corpse on) (in the hallway)
  • Beta's throne



  • Balista, Blaze, Storm, Lyndsay and Black Angel are the only people other than Beta, Vertexx and Psychic to go into this throne room.

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