Let's kill these losers!


The Dark Bakugan
Type Darkus Betadron
First appearance A Fresh Start
Gender Male
Attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Power 1500 G
Variations Betadron
Dark Betadron
Brawler The Psychic Master
Battle Gear Copper Shoxrox
Copper Slingpike
Copper Lanzato
Darkus Defendtrix
Darkus Blasterate
Darkus Clawbruk
Darkus Combustoid
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Main Adversary Pyro
Fusion Dragon

Beta is a Darkus Betadron and one of The Psychic Master's Bakugan. Beta is the main antagonist in season 4's 2nd part.


Soaring to extreme heights, Beta wreaks havoc as one of the most dangerous Baku Sky Raiders. He is possibly the secondary Guardian Bakugan of Psychic. His only goal is to destroy Pyro and will do everything he has to achieve that. When around Bakugan other than them such as Subterra Vertexx, he is calmer and has a better reputation.


Beta debuted in A Fresh Start, for a tournament battle. Beta was shown to be extremely strong and vicious and almost killed Scorn before Pyro and Titanium Dragon interfere, thus he grows an extreme will to murder them.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Night Viseler
  • Orion Shield: Nullifies all of the apponent's abilities
  • Psycho Cutter
  • Darkus Pulse
  • Searing Darkness
  • Doom Burner
  • Blaster Cutter
  • Stone Viseler
  • Smasher Rockfall
  • Ghost Tornado
  • Dark Smasher Punch
  • Betadron Cannon (Roaster Cannon)
  • Ghost Burner


  • Beta is extremely evil, nearly to the extent as Fire Ingram's behavior.
  • Beta has also displayed enough power to kill a Mechtogan.
    • He also kills his own "brothers" after evolving.
    • This makes him one of the most cruel, defiant, psychotic Bakugan in the series.


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