Beside a Dying Fire is the sixth episode of S-Dimensions

Beside a Dying Fire
Season 1
Episode Number 6
Preceeded By Wandering
Followed By Arrival


This episode takes off from where Wandering took off. It gives a brief recap showing young Ricileon with the demons on the destroyed Gun Acer. Sumbato explains what happened to Ricileon and Gun Acer during the massacre.

Shocked, Ricileon refuses to beleive she could do something that extreme. When the three continue to tell her it's real, a fight ensues between Ricileon and the demons. She then nearly destroys Dekuu out of anger. She is stopped by Sumbato, who knocks her unconcious. When Ricileon awakens, she is sitting by a fire with a human Dekuu, Mujika, and Sumbato. Ricileon finally accepts the fact that she destroyed Gun Acer and killed off the inhabitants. The four, tired from the battle earlier, sleep almost immediately.

The episode ends when they awake the next day, only to find themselves surrounded by Gundalians.

Characters Seen (In Order)Edit

  • Young Ricileon
  • Sumbato
  • Dekuu
  • Mujika
  • Unnamed Gun Acern inhabitants (flashback)
  • Gundalians


  • A sadistic side of Ricileon is shown in this episode. When she mercilessly beats down Dekuu, she's seen smiling and laughing the whole time.

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