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Who am I, you ask? I am the one true tamer of the relentless flame. I am he who has crushed gods, leveled cities, and created everything from nothingness. I am Bendo, the Black Pyromancer, and he who shall unlock the gate to your final destruction.

Bendo to Letus in their final showdown

Portrayer Bendo14
Physical description
Age 14
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Personal information
Allies Airzel-of-Haos, Firestormblaze, Winx, ScorchB, ScarRedNovaDragon, BakuPlanet, SaberX, Kodokor12, DGK27, Darkusinfinity99, more...
Enemies Aquos Rules, Savage-Darkus, more...
Weapon of choice Hellslash
Main attribute Tartaronian symbol Tartaronian Pyrus
Guardian Bakugan Pyrus Vesuvius Spatterix
Pyrus Letus Phosphos
Chronological and political information
Position Brawler
Aliases Bend
The Black Pyromancer
Affiliation The Tartaronian Legion
First Appearance {{{first appearance}}}
Themes Fight Fire with Fire
Someone Who Cares
Current level: 958

Bendo is an extremely skilled brawler specializing in the Tartaronian Pyrus attribute and mechanics. His main brawling partner is Anne.


Bendo was once arrogant, thinking he could defeat anyone. This was until he learned to accept losing, and not to attempt weaseling out of it. He usually maintains a calm demeanor, unphased by most insults. However, he has an extremely explosive temper, and he is subject to large amounts of rage if provoked far enough. Bendo is very proud as well, often finding it hard to accept defeat.

Bendo has an internal hate for people who think they are the master of something. Though he is skilled with Pyrus, he doesn't like showing off his skills unless proving any "masters" wrong. This leads Bendo to doubting anyone with "master" in their name.


Early MonthsEdit

Bendo joined Bakugan Dimensions the day it was released, bringing forth his Haos Krakix. He was a flat out-jerk, and nearly everyone he brawled disliked him. As a result, he changed up his method of brawling, going from the light to the fire. This was when Phos came into play. At the time, he was Bendo's best Pyrus Bakugan, around 450 G. Krakix was removed, and Darkus Aranaut and Subterra Sabator stepped in. Phos and Aura advanced to 650 G, and that was when the largest changes happened. Bendo moved Aura and Seism out of the way to make way for his soon-to-be deadly Helix Dragonoid and Quake Dragonoid. Relentless Rushdown became his style, until he learned of Burning Revenge from battling an NPC. He studied the Pyrus styles, and couldn't find it. He concluded he had not unlocked the style with it yet.

Advancing in the LeaderboardsEdit

At the level 700, Bendo accomplished his goal of finding Burning Revenge. He began destroying opponents with Phos and Twin Destructor. That's when he turned more strategic. Bendo found that Burning Revenge was weak with his Dragonoids, so he switched it up. Soon, he began training his Zukanator, demolishing opponents at every angle. Then, Sky & Gaia came into action. Though they had low Will, their Strength and Agility could match Mechtogan, and they devastated the field. Helix began becoming weak compared to Phos, Bane, & Zen. That's when MS came out, and Zenthon Titan (nicknamed Titan Z) stepped in with his monstrous power, and became Bendo's first Bakugan to pass 850 G without an extra code boost. Phos would move on to become 1013 G, Bane & Zen at 908, and Titan Z to 865.

Conflict with SMEdit

Bendo despised Spin Master at the time, and his big mouth got him a ban from BD. He attempted to reason with SM, but he couldn't get his account back, and his powerhouse team disappeared for good.

BlazingSprinter AppearsEdit

His story on BD was not yet over. Bendo reappeared weeks later under the new name of BlazingSprinter, and his new Guardian Surge. Though Surge never exceeded 800 G, he later became a force to be reckoned with. BlazingSprinter was never ranked, but he did manage to win a tournament against eight other Brawlers.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "People have been stabbing me in the back all day. How the hell do you think I'm doing?"
  • "I hate people who think they're the best at something, and won't shut up about it. That puts you at the top of my hate list."
  • "Whatever makes the vandals wake up screaming in the dead of night."
  • "Take a look in a mirror before you go accusing ME."
  • "Back off from my friend, or I'll make your life a living hell here."


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bendo controls the basic abilities of a normal Tartaronian; fire manipulation and shapeshifting. Coupled with the Zindigan ability of telekinetics, Bendo is nearly indestructible against most adversaries.


  • Mind Reading: Being half Zindigan, Bendo can read the minds of people with low or average intelligence.
  • Heat Resistance: Bendo is able to resist extreme heat, and take no damage from it.
  • Shapeshifting: Bendo is able to assume the form of anything he has physically encountered.
  • Darkfire Control: Bendo can control darkfire, a peculiar energy that surrounds New Tartarus. He can use this ability to make the target take on Tartaronian characteristics, often rewriting their entire DNA sequence and turning them into all Tartaronian.
  • Teleportation: Bendo can teleport himself between dimensions with no restrictions whatsoever.




Bendo is friends with AOH. Though Bendo doesn't always agree with his decisions, he often engages with him in conversation and gets along rather well with him.


Though Bendo and Scar never engaged in conversation very much, he considers Scar an ally.


Bendo was friends with Littleseed on BD. It was once asked if Littleseed would rather go out with Ingramhelixx or him. The two responded very awkwardly to this. They rather to think of each other as just friends, even if they have their occasional arguments. They once had an argument and are currently unresponsive to each other.


Bendo first met Ingramhelixx when he was a level 600 brawler, wanting to see his Pyrus Ziperator. Ingram would come back multiple times to battle it until he got his own. From that point on, they were friends with each other.


Bendo and DM never met often on BD, and had a larger friendship on Bakugan Wiki.


Bendo often pokes fun at Winx, and battled him a few times. He was one of Bendo's first friends on the wiki along with BakuPlanet.


Bendo and BakuPlanet were friends from the beginning, and still are. They often battled each other in "n00b brawls", to show each other new Bakugan or additions to their teams.


Bendo's appearance changed over his time on Bakugan Dimensions. At first, he wore a Blitz Dragonoid shirt with a viking helmet, earning the nickname "Viking Dragon". Later on, he chose a more casual appearance, wearing only black and red, also using a level 800 Pyrus gauntlet. After he cleared level 900, he began wearing a "Dracula" shirt, with red pants, brown military boots, and a maroon hat. He was easily recognizable by those who had met him before in this appearance.


As BlazingSprinter, he chose an appearance and stuck with it. He wore a red business suit, with orange pants, red sneakers, and a crimson hat.



For normal brawls, Bendo commonly uses Pyrus or Haos as his attribute.


Bendo's style for BakuTech brawls is completely different from his normal strategy. He uses a trio of three mostly defensive BakuTechs to crush any potential K.O.'s.

Favored Gate CardsEdit

  • Queen's Chamber: Every Bakugan on the field becomes Tartaronian and Anne gains 1000 G for every Tartaronian Bakugan on the field, including herself. Any Bakugan that wasn't Tartaronian before this gate's activation cannot do anything against Anne or this gate effect for the remainder of the round.
  • Letus Judgement: All Bakugan are reduced to their base power levels and all ability effects currently having effect on the brawl are removed from play. The opponent loses 500 Gs for every ability removed, even if it isn't their own. The loss is doubled if they aren't Pyrus-attributed.
  • Price for Power: Nullifies all of the opponent's abilities, if they are able to be negated. The opponent then loses a turn for every thousand Gs their Bakugan has. (I.E. 1000 = 1 turn, 2000 = 2 turns, etc.)
  • Incandescent Sun: Halves each player's G-Power. Then, the opponent loses G-Power equal to double of their base level. If your opponent is not of some form of Haos or Pyrus attribute, their losses are doubled.
  • Virulent Covenant: This Gate Card can be activated at any time the user wishes. The player who wins this battle must use the same Bakugan that won on this gate for the rest of the brawl, even if it loses a round. That Bakugan's base level is halved and any abilities that have effects other than G-Power are removed from play. However, the user of this gate cannot use the same attribute of Bakugan during each round and they cannot set any further gates. On a turn that a gate would usually be set by the user, no gate is set and the opponent cannot add one of their own. This Gate is immune to the effects of the opponent's actions.


  • Several of Bendo's Bakugan use toxic ability effects in battle, most notably Phos, HC, and Cancer.
  • A large portion of Bendo's Bakugan were killed or lost in the war against Mercuritris.





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