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The Battle Brawlers are a group of talented Brawlers from across the globe. They are currently based in Jasper, Nevada.


On December 29, 2085, Maxine Bennett proposed the idea of a group of Brawlers who shared and developed battle strategies, entered Tournaments and discuss recent happenings in the Bakugan community. However, due to the reluctance of William Ride, the Battle Brawlers were not officially established until January 9, 2086.

The three original members began to enter Tournaments in various combinations. They became quite well known in Jasper and the surrounding area.

On May 1, 2086, Max recruited Emma Flemming, an English teenager, to be the fourth member of the group.


Significant EventsEdit

  • 9.1.86 - The Battle Brawlers are established
  • 30.3.86 - The Brawlers win the Jasper Annual Bakugan Tournament

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