Bakugan Plateau
The Location
Vital statistics
Location A Plateau in Australia
Position Stadium
Inhabitants Bakugan
First Appearance TBA
The Bakugan World Cup 2012 happens in season 5. It is plays a major part in 17 episodes, back-to-back.


TheWolf1 is defending his title as the Bakugan World Champion. It is hosted by Australia and is comprised of 32 compeditors. Denman is defending title of runner-up. There are 64 compeditors, and a few are Blaze's past buddies such as LordMagma. The competition is revealed to Blaze by Aquos Rules, in episode 18.

Notable Compeditors:Edit

  1. Blazewind. Rank: Top 8
  2. LordMagma. Rank: Top 16
  3. Spectra Phantom. Rank: Top 8
  4. The Mighty Q. Rank: Top 16
  5. Firestormblaze. Rank: Runner-up
  6. Baku-Cool. Rank: Top 4
  7. Rose. Rank: Top 16
  8. Dan Kuso. Rank: Top 16
  9. Aquos Rules. Rank: Top 4
  10. TheWolf1. Rank: WINNER!
  11. Denman. Rank: Top 8
  12. Strategist. Rank: Top 8
  13. Bendo. Rank: Top 16
  14. SaberX. Rank: Top 16
  15. Airzel-of-Haos. Rank: Top 16


Bakugan Plateau is the location of the Bakugan World Cup, in late 2012. Lyndsay states that AR used to battle Baku-Cool and Savage-Darkus there lots.
Bakugan Plateau

Bakugan Plateau

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