The Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers

The Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers (or B.E.C.B. for short) is a team led by Brawley X Masterz in Bakugan RP: Dimensional Heroes and Bakugan RP: Dimensional Warfare.

Bakugan RP: Dimensional HeroesEdit

The Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers originally consisted of Brawley X Masterz, Ventus Phantom, Axel Payne, and Destroyer.  Later on, Ventus Phantom and Destroyer's apprentices joined; Ventus Apprentice and Elite Vex, respecitvely.

Bakugan RP: Dimensional WarfareEdit

Aides Immortus joined the B.E.C.B. as the new Darkus brawler in place of Destroyer.

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