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Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers Emblem

The Bakugan Elite Core Brawlers(BECB/B.E.C.B./Bakugan Elite Core Warriors) is a brawling team lead by Masters.

Team MembersEdit

Leader/Pyrus Brawler: Brawley X Masterz

Second-in-command/Lead Ventus Brawler: Ventus Phantom

Darkus Brawler: Destroyer

Subterra Brawler: Axel Payne

Other Darkus Brawler: Chronos Darkness

Ventus Student: Ventus Apprentice

Darkus Student: Elite Vex

The B.E.C.B. fights for justice and aims to be the best. It is made up of some of the best brawlers there are. They protect Bakugan and help those in need.

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