The Bakugan Battle League Resort is a lavish resort built by the Bakugan Battle League on a River, located

Bakugan Battle League Tourny
westcoast of Masters Castle. It is one of many.

Description Edit

The main resort is built on piles and several large rocks in the center of a River, and is connected to both shorelines by large wooden bridges. The main spa holds several massage parlors and relaxing pools, while the the shorelines are home to for guests as well as many natural hot springs. The village is in a mountainous region near the ocean, where it hosts its own wharf. West of the spa is a large waterfall where the river meets the ocean. The area is surrounded by gorgeous cherry blossoms, creating a lasting appeal for its visitors. The area is used as a retreat for Bakugan Battlers, who compete in special tornaments. They also allow guests of the competitors.

Surrounded by beautiful scenery and home to some of the finest spas in the Endar Kingdom, this resort town is a true paradise. This is a place where travelers can receive relaxing massages and other treatments that soothe aching muscles. The masseurs here are very friendly and the town offers free robes to visitors. This is one of the most welcoming locations in the entire Area.

History Edit

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