Bakugan: Dimensions Surge
Created By:
Release Date: 1/30/12
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Episodes: 15 Per season
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Proceeded By:
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Followed By: Bakugan: Dimensions Legends
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Bakugan: Dimensions Surge is a Fanon series.


It's been 5 long years since Bakugan Dimensions, the place to be when it came to Bakugan battles, closed down for good. Ever since then, no other place could do what Dimensions did and Brawlers around the world have started quitting Bakugan. SpinMaster, who has now been renamed as BakuTech Corp. has listened to the saddened Bakugan lovers and recreated Bakugan Dimensions, now calling it Bakugan Interspace based on the tiny digital world located inside the original Bakugan Dimensions.

Some people have taken the new brawling world for granted. A group of brawlers named Team Zeal have been taking over the battlefields using illegal brawling styles and claim that they have been trying to find a substance called G.A.M.E.

However, a group of administrators for Bakugan Interspace have started taken action and brawled against Team Zeal, who are just too powerful for the admins to handle.

In another world, a hero has been given a chance to live once again, he has listened to the calls from Bakugan Interspace and is heading down to Earth. But will this new hero have the guts to take down the mysterious Team Zeal? Or will he be banned from Interspace forever by the admins of Interspace? This hero, is known has FinalNeos.

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