The whole series (located way,way,way into the future) begins with Noah narrating the show's first view, explaining the beginning of what will happen in the series. After the brief introduction, Noah's school is shown. His friends, Nathan and Kevin are talking about their vehicles, a Modified Vestal Destroyer and a Modified Gundalian ship. Noah is then shown in his room, thinking about going to Vestroia to meet some Haos Bakugan, as it is his favorite attribute. After stopping an argument between his friends, which were in a heated discussion about the weaponry in their vessels, Noah decides to watch TV. Later, Noah tells them he will be leaving to get some Haos Bakugan. They agree to go with him on Nathan's Vestal Destroyer (another heated argument about which is faster, which is safer, etc), and the episode has a commercial break with Noah, Nathan and Kevin heading off to the parking garage.

Later, the intermission screen appears with Nathan and his Vestal Destroyer. Noah suddenly realizes that he left some of his friends - Victor, Johnny, and James - behind. Kevin gives them a call, and they appear using a Dimensional Tunnel. They enter the Destroyer and under Nathan's brother, Lucas serving as pilot, they go to New Vestroia. A while later, however, as victor was opening his milk carton, a big crash ensues and he spills the milk all over him. Luke tells them they crashed into a nearby astroid and an engine broke loose (which caused another argument between Nathan and Kevin). Luckily, there were some Bakugan nearby, so Victor asks a Pyrus Wilda to fuse the engine part together. They both get along at first sight, so Victor hastily and eloquently asked the Wilda to be his Guardian Bakugan, which he happily agreed. The Wilda, (Named Wiliam) joins the group of friends and then they sail on.

After another intermission and a shot from William and Victor, They finally arrive on New Vestroia, Where they land in an open plain. The group file out, Victor, Nathan and James venturing along the mountainside, and Kevin, Noah, and Johnny going along to the rivers and marshlands. James almost gets buried in a landslide while climbing up the mountain, but a gigantic clawed hand brushed away the rocks and saved him. It was a Subterra Blade Tigrerra, one of the most advanced bakugan James had ever seen. they chat for a little while, and find out they have much in common. Tigrerra (Tarek) agrees to be James's Guardian, and they continue to explore New Vestroia.

Victor (Next episode advertisement) In the next episode, Kevin meets an Attribute - Changing Bakugan. Noah, unfortunatley, cannot find a bakugan he wishes for... but what about Nathan? All of this info will be reveled in the next episode. Stay tuned. (Yawn)

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