This team has been to the edge of the abyss and back. They've seen things that are impossible to imagine. They have stared death in the face and laughed at him, for these foolish stunts they were punished. They were put into a cell for eternity but Rayne out of all found their way out. He led them through all sorts of terrain searching for their homes. Then in the rubel they each found it, their home away from home. They found it inside each of our bakugan. Excedra, Mega Nemus, Dragonoid, Percival, Gorem, and Frosch are the bakugan that started Attribute United. The guardians of " The Guardian 6 " (at the time). Darkus, Haos, Pyrus, Subterra, Ventus, and Aquos. They combined these attributes and now use them as our own. They have many allies, and our currently searching for more. In the whole blissful disaster they've learned that its not all about winning. They've had several loses and they've learned from each of them. They've learned that in their losses they found information that they could use to take down their enemies. So on thier team it is resourceful to win or lose. Since then the team has been advanced previous guardians either replaced or lost. Now the survivors of our breakthough have been recognized as the new guardians the one that will keep their legacy going there guardians are as follows Darkus:Dharak Aquos:Akwimos Ventus:Dharak Pyrus:Coredem Subterra:Linehalt and lastly Haos (2 guardians so i will list both guardians):Airzel: Strikeflier Sarah:Hawktor

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