The Astral Formation is a hidden power said to be inside every Bakugan with "Potential". Drake was shown to have this power when he was caught up in a conflict between his Brawler and his needs. This power seems to be strong enough to destroy entire worlds or planets without using abilities (Although there are abilities utilizing a form or this power as a whole.). Drake described this as a gift placed on him and all the Bakugan of with this abnormal potential to create or destroy. Since it has the word "Forbidden" in it, It hints at the fact that the bakugan mentioned can use Forbidden Cards such as Chaos Ability X without necessarily being a Chaos or Forbidden Bakugan.

Forbidden Ability Card

One of Drake's Forbidden Ability Cards

Later, Drake finally understands what he should use his Forbidden Power for (his own ways) and uses it to heal the battle-damaged Gundalia and attempts to destroy Vestroia. He also grows more demonic and sneers while his opponents try to stop him, but in the end, the noble Diego ends up saving Vestroia as he gets in the way of Drake's power and reflected it back towards Drake. Instead of being destroyed by his own energy, however, Drake simply absorbed the energy and destroyed Diego, Knowing full well that he will regenerate soon. But before destroying Vestroia, He was caught by his other opponents, allowing Diego to regenerate and stop Drake's evil plans.

Phantom Drake Astral Redesign

Drake's Normal Astral Form

Phantom Drake Astral

Drake's Astral Form While changed into his Hurracanian Sprite

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