Debut Drone Duel
Brawler  ???
Variations Artilitron
G-Power 300 (Unit) G
400 (Drone) G
User Skorpiax
Battle Type Firepower

Artilitron is a firepower and defense based BakuDrone.


A humanoid BakuDrone, Artilitron lets loose insane amounts of firepower upon its holder's enemies. As a unit, it mounts as a jet pack equipped with heavy long-range laser turrets and bladed gauntlets. On its own, it acts as a humanoid being with an abnormally large size for BakuDrones.

Artilitron sacrifices the holder's speed for extreme strength and durability, making the holder nearly impervious to most attacks. Though its speed is limited, it has enough jet power to propel itself into the air and rain down upon adversaries with its turrets and missile launchers.


Data bits of Artilitron are first seen in Quad Ambush, before being stolen by Ventinoid.

Artilitron is first used alongside Embrial's Neuroshock in Drone Duel.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Artilitron Berserker: Transfers 200 Gs from the opponent to Artilitron's holder. The opponent loses 300 Gs at the start of their turn for the rest of the game. (Unit form)
  • Artilitron Rapid Mode: The opponent cannot add G-Power to themselves and their gate is destroyed. (Drone form)


  • Artilitron's unit mode is designed to have a similar appearance to the Assail System from Bakugan: New Vestroia.
  • Artilitron's name is deprived from artillery, representing its heavy firepower and sheer defense.

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