Arrival is the seventh episode of S-Dimensions.

Season 1
Episode Number 7
Preceeded By Beside a Dying Fire
Followed By Defeat


Ricileon and the Demons are surrounded by Gundalians in the destroyed Gun Acer. One steps forward and claims to be her father. Ricileon believes him, remembering how her mother said she was seperated from him after Ricileon was born.

She leaves the Demons on Gun Acer and leaves with her father. When they arrive on Gundalia, Ricileon gets aquainted with Barodias. He knows of her power and assigns her as a bodyguard, despite only being ten. For five years, she witnessed battles and wars of other places whilst alongside Barodias.

Ricileon decided to head back to Gun Acer, but is quickly stopped by her father. Ricileon is able to get loose and starts off for Gun Acer in an escape pod. Before she can leave, her father attempted to stab her, but hits the pod's control pad instead. This causes her to wreck into a place near Bayview on Earth.

In the next three days, Ricileon awakens from the wreck. She discovers Bakugan and starts playing, though not very good. The episode ends with the Demons arriving again.

Characters Seen (In Order)Edit

  • Young Ricileon
  • Sumbato
  • Dekuu (Mentioned)
  • Mujika (Mentioned)
  • Gundalians
  • Ricileon's father
  • Barodias


  • Despite appearing in Beside a Dying Fire, Dekuu and Mujika do not appear in this episode.
  • This episode is also called Descent into Darkness, the original title for the episode, because of how Ricileon starts becoming darker.

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