So have we completed TAP-X01 yet? I am ready to fight.


Army Launching
Army Launching
Season  ?
Episode Number 4
Preceeded By Six Star General
Followed By TAP-X01
Army Lanching is episode 4 of Bakugan: Demonia Assault.


Bendo, Winx, FSB, and Neos return to their base after their mixed wins and losses, only to find it destroyed. A massive figure towers before them. He reveals himself to be the Six Star General of the Demonis Army, Demonis Jaakor. He also reveals that he was put in command of the army so that they may search for AOH and Shade. When the team tries to tell Jaakor that the duo are missing, he begins opening fire. Anathema and Odium activate themselves, and fuse to make Rancor in order to fight Jaakor at full power. After a few well played Abilities, Rancor has the upper hand on Jaakor, and forces him back into his normal state, but as soon as he reverts, Jaakor attacks them swiftly and knocks them off their feet, separating Rancor. As Jaakor stands up, behind him are Averin, Averia, and a few hundred Chaos Bakugan. But these aren't just any Chaos Bakugan. They are Demonian Mutated specifically for foot troops of the Demonis Army. As Averin waves his hand at the brawlers, the masses charge forth, giving them only a moment to throw out their Bakugan and begin the fight. At that time, Mechtogan begin to fall, and war is declared by the Six Star General himself.

Meanwhile, in an unknown area, a masked Bakugan and his brawler are seen training vigorously. The Bakugan asks if it is time to go back, and the brawler replies with a simple nod.

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