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With life comes death, with order comdes chaos, and having a brawl with me comes with an extra bit of 'Shut the fuck up'.



Argentum Human


Debut Appearance Mark of Silver
Title {{{title}}}
Used By Icefern
Gender Male
Age 27
Attribute PyrusMagmius Magmius Crimson and Pearl
G-Power 1300 G
Close Relationships Unknown
Main Allies Unknown
Main Adversaries Unknown
Theme Song Unknown
Status Alive
Battle Data
Mechtogan Unknown
Mechtogan Titan Unknown
MechFrame Unknown
Fighting Style unknown
Signature Abilities unknown

Argentum is a Magmius Crimson and Pearl Bakugan used by Icefern.


With strength and agility at his side, Argentum is determined to never fail. With his tail, he often, if not defeating them, temporarily paralyze his opponents.


Argentum pretty much behaves like your average punk, caring only about himself. He can oftentimes be seen showing no mercy towards anyone, even his own kind.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Silver Raze:
  • Crimson Paralysis:


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