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Hit it hard, hit it fast, and hit it before your opponent does.

Ardentis to his allies

Never be sure that you have taken down the opponent unless you really are sure that have taken them down.


Ardentis Eros Neroenis
Ardentis demon-human form
Debut Appearance TBA
Title Demon Rider
Used By None
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Attribute Matrix Darkus Matrix Darkus
G-Power 1200 G
Close Relationships Luxendti
Main Allies Vindicta
Main Adversaries Gelus
Theme Song TBA
Status Alive
Battle Data
Weaponry Wildfire Blade
Mechtogan TBA
Mechtogan Titan TBA
MechFrame {{{frame}}}
Fighting Style Wildwind Raze
Signature Abilities {{{sa}}}

'Ardentis (Full name: Ardentis Eros Neroenis) is a Darkus Ramdol of Matrix, and a lieutenant of the Matrix Regiment.


Ardentis can move at astonishing speeds, and almost any Bakugan can partner up with him in battle and ride on him. Despite being a Darkus Bakugan, his wheels, "claws", and horns can light up on a special mystic fire that can burn through opponents as he razes through them.


Ardentis is a very calm and collected Bakugan; always keeping his cool. He is usually seen acting a like gentleman, especially to females. Ardentis also respects those who have beaten him and battle, his family, and his superiors in the Matrix Regiment only. He also very noble, and entirely devoted to the Regiment's cause.

In battle, however, Ardentis's personality literally flips. He is extremely hot-headed and brash, but also cold and calculating at the same time. Ardentis also has a tendency to taunt his opponents, and attempts to intimidate them. Both approaches usually work, surprisingly. While Ardentis is very arrogant, he leives by the motto of "never be sure that you have taken down the opponent unless you really are sure that have taken them down".


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Demon FormEdit

Ardentis has the ability to transform into a demon-like humanoid, with his handsome looks even more extended and his bones become hollow. He also gains a set of demonesque wings that can allow him to fly high and far distances. Ardentis's main weapon, the Wildfire Sword, also becomes larger and more fearsome in appearance and is even more powerful. This form can be used by Ardentis at any time, though he must be in certain moods.

Ability CardsEdit

Gate CardsEdit


  • "Ardentis" means "blazing" in Latin, which was picked for his name because of the parts of his body that can light up on fire.
  • The idea for Ardentis' coloration, flaming wheels, and the type of Bakugan he could be came from the flaming motorcycle of the Marvel superhero Ghost Rider.
    • This is also another reason why "Ardentis" was picked for his name. Also, it is ironic how Jonny Blaze, the first Ghost Rider, and Ardentis have something that involves the word "blaze" or something like it in each of their names.


Bakugan FormEdit

Human FormEdit

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