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All I want is to ensure Splice is strong enough to kill Komodtrix

—Aquos talking to BC

Aquos Rules
2011-11-15 1249
Portrayer Aquos Boss 19
Debut episode Power of The Sky
Physical description
Age 19
Gender Male
Skin tone Tanned (slightly)
Hair color Turqoise
Eye color Green
Personal information
Friends Baku-Cool, Valentin, Kodokor12, Icefern, Blazewind
Enemies Everyone (except friends)
Special Powers Making tsunamis
High jumping
Guardian Bakugan(s) Aquos Dragon
Main Battle Attribute(s) 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Main Battle Adversary Sir Destruction
Chronological and political information
Seasons Involved with 1-4
Nicknames Aqua
AR (disliked)
Alias(es) Aquos Boss 19
Theme Song What I've Done
Aquos Rules was a major character in Bakugan: Secrets of The Shadows until leaving to travel. In Bakugan: Wind Tamer he is the deuteragonist of the series. He is the older brother of Baku-Cool. His Guardian Bakugan is Dragon, a Lumino Dragonoid.


Aquos is cool, calm, collected and thinks he can beat anyone. Together with Dragon, his mission is to get revenge on Fire Ingram, as Ingram destroyed Aquos's hometown. He preffers to be called "Aqua". Aquos also has an extremely rude side to himself, as shown in Tournament Winner, as shown when he called his own Bakugan an idiot. His bad side is something you will not want to meet, because AR's grudges last forever. Aquos also holds a huge grudge against Airzel-of-Haos, Bendo and GHTFT99 due to them turning many against him, and treating him badly in the past. He goes by the battle stage name "Aquos Rules" because he is an Aquos brawler. In Bakugan: Wind Tamer his character is completely different as he is the one who does all the house work and breaks up fights. He's also quite bossy in the series.


Aquos is a good looking, handsome, talented brawler and is be an ally of Firestormblaze. Aquos will have lots of dark secrets under his BakuMeter too. He also has a rivalry with Airzel-of-Haos. Aqua gets cocky in battle so when he battles Ingram he gets off guard and loses.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Aqua is quite tall, standing at 2 meters high (6ft 6in), and is incredibly skinny. His shoulder bones are quite visible as a result.

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "A Brawler doesnt rely on brawn my friend, It's about your bond with a Bakugan!"
  • "Make yourself at home here."

History Edit

Bakugan: Wind TamerEdit

In Power of The Sky, He's shown as BC and Savage's older brother.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Aqua can spawn the Aqua Light Sword with aura.
  • Aqua can also summon tsunamis.
  • Aqua can grow in size.
  • Aqua can jump high enough to reach space.

Weapons Edit

  • Aqua Light Sword: A blade made of water that he uses to crush all evil.
  • Baku-Launch: A special launcher that fires Dragon into battle like a cannon.
  • Meta Armor: These gloves and boots give Aqua super strength, allowing him to rip the limbs of even Mechtogan.


Bakugan Edit



Main article: Aquos's Relationships

Gallery Edit




  • Aquos is afraid of fire despite being an Aquos Brawler.

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