2011-10-26 1001
Type Aquos Quake Dragonoid
First appearance Rage of The Sea
Gender Male
Attribute 20px-AquosIcon Aquos
Power 828 G
Variations Paladin Dragonoid
Aquos Mercury Dragonoid
Aquos Neo Dragonoid
Aquos Delta Dragonoid
Aquos Lumino Dragonoid
Brawler Aquamentus
Battle Gear Vilantor Gear
Themes {{{theme}}}
Main Adversary Umbra Dragonoid

Aquamentus (Bakugan) is an Aquos Quake Dragonoid. He has many evolutions, and becomes more powerful each time he evolves. He is the Guardian of Aquamentus.


Aquamentus moves around his environment with a slow steady caution, but always packs a powerful punch when attacking. He creates a freezing wind that immobilizes his foe. He also can generate ice and snowstorms by just spreading his wings. He then uses the ice crystals to attack his opponent.


Aquamentus is a no nonsense type of character. Rough, aggresive, arrogant, loudmouthed. Despite his rough exterior, he has a very good heart and is willing to fight to the end for what he believes in. His only real flaws being his addictive personality, his rage issues, and his depression.


Aquamentus was the son of a Titanium Dragonoid explorer named Aquarius the Wanderer, and a legendary Iron Dragonoid warrior named Aquamarine, also called the "Mistress of Chaos" for her ability to flow naturally with the chaos of battle and coming out unscathed. His family history is quite bleak, leading to his many issues in present time. Though he did manage to find solace in his friend, partner, and "brother", Sirius. Not much else is known of his past otherwise.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Riot Blackout: Every increase to G-power thus far in this battle is changed to a decrease by the same amount. If this ability is negated, removed from game, or destroyed, return both Bakugan to their printed G-power.
  • Cero Strike: If Aquamentus's G-power is 0 and he is the last Bakugan on your force active, you automatically win this battle.


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