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Debut Unknown
Used by None
Title None
Age 20 (Human) 300 (Zatokaian)
Gender Male
G-Power Unknown
Main Attribute Darkus
Theme Song //
Main Allies //
Close Relationships //
Main Adversaries //
Weaponry Sword
Battle Gear None
Mechtogan None
MechFrame None
Signature Abilities Unknown

Aquinax (prounounced Ah-k-ee-nak-z) is a part of the Zatokaian Knights. Not much information is known about him but he is recognizable.


Aquinax has never showed his power, but is said to have great speed.


He has long orange hair and dark gray-to-maroon eyes. He is also teased about his "girly looks" which is a hint that Aquinax has a feminine style, but easily recognized by Zatokaians that he's a male due to eye color. He is said to wear open shirts as his casual uniform, possible due to the insults he gets for his 'feminine style'. His Bakugan form has yet to be revealed.


Not much is known but he said to be a joker and an average guy you'd ever meet, though he could be very hasty with missions. It's also revealed that he is another loyal servant to the king.


Aquinax was said to be once a poor orphan working as a blacksmith himself. The way he got into knighthood is unknown.


(None/Not revealed)


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