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Please, I wish not to fight. Though if I must, I will defeat you!

Apollo, after being attacked

Debut Apollo The Dragon Slayer
Used By Firestormblaze
Gender Male
G-Power 792 (BD) G
Rank #10
Attribute 20px-HaosIcon Haos
Weaponry Duel Katanas
Theme Song DragonSlayer
Main Adversaries Tracer
Main Allies Whitewolf
Light Serpent
Close Relationships Currently None
Mechtogan Phosphorus
Mechtogan Titan None
Fighting Style Orochi Fatal
MechFrame None
Title The Dragon Slayer
Signature Abilites {{{sa}}}
Status Retired

Apollo Krakix (also known as Dragomir) was Firestormblaze's Haos Krakix, and secondary Haos Guardian Bakugan, on Bakugan Dimensions.


Apollo wears a big suit of armor that can generate swords from both of his hands. He carries a gigantic ninja star on his back. His offense and defense skills are increased by gigantic energy blasts which he fires from his mouth. Apollo’s fighting style is hard-fist, dynamic and brutal. He attacks with no mercy. Instead of attacking, he prefers block, because of his peace keeping nature. Apollo is called the "Dragon Slayer" because of his unique ability Orochi Slayer.


Apollo is a Krakix. He is the most humble of Blaze's Bakugan. His Mechtogan is Silent Strike. Apollo tries to make peace instead of fighting, but when in battle Apollo fights until the end. Due to his peace-keeping nature, he's mostly quiet and is the only member of Blaze's Bakugan team, who can usually keep others from fighting.


Apollo came onto Bakugan Dimensions two months after Whitewolf. He became Blaze's secondary Haos Guardian, and General of all his Bakugan. He fought in man battles, including Firestormblaze's first battle against the infamous Airzel-of-Haos. Surprisingly he is able to defeat most of the opponents, that Whitewolf is not, in battle. Even if Whitewolf is stronger. In any battle Apollo has entered his has won, at least most of them. As he brawled alongside Whitewolf, and Light Serpent, in Blaze's Haos team, he soon became his fourth most powerful Bakugan (not counting Brax as a Bakugan, otherwise he would be fifth).

Ability Cards

  • Spiral Stream:
  • Orochi Slayer: If your opponent is a Dragonoid, then 1000 Gs is transfered from the Dragonoid, to Apollo Krakix.
  • Deadly Glow:
  • Gaia Exclamation:
  • Samurai Shield:
  • Deadly Nebulous:


  • Apollo's Ability Card,Orochi Slayer is derived from the eight-headed dragon that was slain by the storm god Susanoo according to Japanese legend.
  • Dragomir is translated into "he who cares about peace greatly".