Remember this well.There are two kinds of fights.As long as we place ourselves in battle,we must know the difference:fights to defend life and fights to protect pride...


Portrayer Darkus eclipse
Physical description
Age 16
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color black
Personal information
Allies Catfish08, Faviola, Aides, Masters, Ingramhelixx, Littleseed, Angelus Lapis, more...
Enemies {{{enemies}}}
Weapon of choice Bakugan
Main attribute 21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Darkus Lumino Dragonoid
Chronological and political information
Position Brawler
Aliases Eclipse
Affiliation The Sacred 7 (Formerly)
First Appearance {{{first appearance}}}
Themes Worth Dying for
Current level: 1030


Hot headed but quiet at times, he loves to train, and loves to brawl. He loves to eat, and hates losing. He is the type to never give up, even when his back is against the wall.


Apocalypse can predict his opponents moves and think of a strategy to defeat them in a matter of seconds.



Apoclypse considers Aides, to be one of his brothers.


Apoclypse also considers Catfish08, to be one of his brothers.


Firestormblaze is one of Apoclyspe's friends.


Littleseed is one of Apoclyspe friends.


Quinton is Apoclyspe mentor and friend.


Faviola is one of Apoclyspe friends and his ex-girlfriend.


Ingramhelixx is Apoclyspe rival and friend.


Phoenix7 is one of Apoclyspe friends.


Masters is Apoclyspe friend and rival.


He fell in love with bakugan when he saw his big brother play. When he started Dimensions he went on a losing streak until he met a pyrus brawler name Quinton. He took him under his wing and taught him how to brawl. Then one day he ran into a brawler name rjbak, who was level 1000. From that day forward he became power hungry; training to the point to where he can never lose again.He use to be a good guy until he join the Bounty Hunters and he turned evil but over time as they disbanded he turned back good. His bakugan Darkus Lumino Dragonoid was a gift from his older brother.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Apoclyspe has amazing stamina he can do a bakugan brawl for days and never get tired.

  • Star Sight: When Apoclyspe sleeps, he can see into the future; but for only five minutes.



  • Darkus Lumino Dragonoid
  • Darkus Cyclone Percival
  • Darkus Titanium Dragonoid

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "You almost won..."
  • "never say good game until your health hits 0."
  • "I'm hungry."
  • "Ok who is next to get pwned."
  • "I dont care how strong he is i will win."
  • "You wont know until you try."
  • "We have no choice but to look forward."



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