Another Day
Season 1
Episode Number 13
Preceeded By Plan to Proceed
Followed By {{{next}}}

~Episode 13~

The Bayview city was as noisy as it usually was. People continuing their lives, just worrying about themselves.

“It’s been 3 days and you still haven’t even figured out the first move?”

“Sorry, milady.”

“I said quit calling me ‘milady’ when we’re outside! You’re making me look like a douche!”


Blazewind and Xebrexia were walking around the town. It has been about 5 days since Xebrexia arrived.

“Anyway, Hachiac and your planet may strike at anytime. We have to do something.”

“And do you know what he will do?”

“Well, no… I’ve been thinking a lot.”

“Why not relax?” Blazewind finally put up a smile.

“Bu-… uh!” Xebrexia was dragged into a café.

“Take a damn sip and relax already!”


~At Zatokai...~

“Unbelievable. You guys are hopeless! Not one of you can survive just by travelling?” Hachiac screamed out.

“But sir, we have no way!” said a substitute.

“Then how did Kraemah and Xebrexia get there?!”

“We have no idea, we are trying to figure out but…”

“NO BUTS! Are you trying to make excuses!? You patheti-”

The door opened with a servant and what seemed to be a trainee knight came in.

“Sir, we have a new knight for your army.”

The knight was slim and had feminine features just like Aquinax. Both hair and eyes were black, the only evidence to give him out that he’s definitely a male. “…Sir.” The young knight bowed.

One of the other knights laughed. “Hah! Another pretty boy!”

Aquinax’s lost brother?” Another one laughed along with a few buddies. The young knight dashed and stabbed the first one in the leg while the second got a slash on his face. The others freaked and backed out while the young knight stays standing tall.

“Consider this only but a warning.” as the knight gave the smirk while the others nodded and shivered. The young knight faced Hachiac. “My Lord, may I introduce myself. I am Cyph, ready to serve under your orders!” He bowed once again.

“Hmm… are you sure you won’t fail like the others?”

“No sir. I will serve you until your death. It’s a guarantee.”

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