Angelus Lapis and Faviola
Chronological Information
Male Angelus Lapis
Female Faviola
Male Age 17
Female Age 15/16
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Current Status: Broken Up


The only girl Angel ever dated was Faviola. Angel realized Faviola liked him when she was in the middle of dating Masters (the current male pyrus brawler of the Sacred 7). He learned that the real reason she had joined the team was because she liked Angel and wanted to get to know him. When she found out that Angel had liked her back they would meet secretly in the woods every night. Faviola eventually broke up with Masters because of this and both her and Angel went out. They had an off and on relationship for four months. They then lead the black knights in second life as partners. Faviola and Angel's relationships then ended, as she quit the Black Knights.


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