Game On.

—Angelus Lapis

Angelus Lapis
The Attribute Master
Portrayer Attribute Master
Physical description
Age 17
Gender Male
Hair color Black
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Personal information
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Main attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
21px-Darkus.svg Darkus
20px-HaosIcon Haos
21px-Ventus.svg Ventus
20px-AquosIcon Aquos
21px-Subterra.svg Subterra
20px-CH Clear
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Chronological and political information
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Aliases Attribute Master
Lone Ranger
Green Arrow
Dark Archer
Obsidian Light
Affiliation *The Sacred 7
First Appearance A New Beginning
Themes animal
Current level: 912


Angelus Lapis aka Angel, was once the leader of The Sacred 7, until they disbanned. Angel is a natural born leader, but also a hot head. He's quick to think and slow to speak. In the beginning, Angel was #3 on the Top ranked brawler board. He ended in #40. Angel's original persona was known as Attribute Master, but after being infected by a virus he had no choice but to be known as the Lone Ranger. Later he developed a good friendship with game master Quake. Due to this he was able to change is alias to his true name, Angelus Lapis. You could say he was cursed, for when he took the name Angelus Lapis, he was no longer able to receive battle requests.



Early Life

Angel was one of the first to create a bakugan dimensions account. He made it at 2 pm the day the game was opened. As soon as he was in he couldn't stop brawling. Little did he know of the brawler board. Before he came to BD he was in bakugan buzz, where he had a team known as the Sacred 7.


Angel now resides in the world of Second Life. He has now taken the name and appearance as Zero. A symbol to all. He leads the Black Knights along with Faviola (also known as C.C.) He is also an ex-power ranger. Being banned from Angel Grove for speaking his mind.

Powers & Abilities

Angel is a highly trained marksman, able to use assorted projectile weaponry with amazing accuracy. His primary choice of weaponry is the bow and arrow.

    • Speed: 10
    • Endurance: 6
    • Agility: 9
    • Durability: 2
    • Strength: 7
  • Stealth: 8
  • Marksmanship: Angel is an impressive marksman, able to hit assorted targets with assorted projectiles with ease and accuracy.
  • Detective Skills: TBA
  • Excellent Strategist:Angel is an exellent strategist. He adapts to his opponent's attacks, abilities, and fighting styles, in order to win.
  • Flight: unknown how it occured.
  • Speech: Angel can communicate with animals.
  • He has a black pet wolf named Lance and 2 ferrets, Kodo and Podo.


Angel utilizes compound bows and many types of arrows. His bow is able to shift into a crossbow and easily attaches onto his back. For Bakugan brawling he uses a variety of attributes gauntlets.

Notable Quotes

  • "Game on"
  • "Save your breath, you'll need it to blow up your mom..."
  • "noobs..."
  • "Pathetic"
  • " The world praises you 7. "
  • " Ingram, Blaze, your both Aces in my book.


Angel refuses to date online. No girl has ever got him to. Except for one:

The only girl Angel ever virtually dated was Faviola. Angel realized Faviola liked him when she was in the middle of dating Masters (the current male pyrus brawler of the Sacred 7). He learned that the real reason she had joined the team was because she liked Angel and wanted to get to know him. When she found out that Angel had liked her back they would meet secretly in the woods every night. Faviola eventually broke up with Masters because of this and both her and Angel went out. They had an off and on relationship for four months. They now lead the black knights in second life as partners.



Angel's Appearances


Angel's Pyrus Bakugan



Battle Gear

Angel's Subterra Bakugan



Battle Gear

Angel's Haos Bakugan

Angel's Darkus Bakugan

Angel's Aquos Bakugan

Angel's Ventus Bakugan

Angel's Clear bakugan and Bakunano