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This MechFrame may literally be the light and hope of them all.


He isn't going to be giving much 'hope' to his opponents at all!


Ancora MechFrame
Debut TBA
Pilot Gioia
Icarys (co-pilot)
Title Bringer of Light, Hope, and Justice
Model Number MMF129
Gender Designated Male
Generation 4
G-Power 2500 G
Attribute Matrix Haos Matrix Haos
Theme Song {{{theme}}}
Weaponry Havoc Cannons
Adversaries None
Status Alive

Ancora is the custom MechFrame of Gioia. Icarys co-pilots it with her sometimes.


A MechFrame with lightning fast speed, Ancora can be described as one of the fastest MechFrames active. Some described a beam of light darting from one place to the next when moving at the highest speed it can go. Ancora is also able to perform acrobatic moves with its body, and is known to utilize its weapons while doing so. This makes this MechFrame hard to hit, and also dangerous, as when ever it dodges an attack, it retaliates by attacking as well.



Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Havoc Cannons: These cannons, attached lower parts of Ancora's arms, can fire multiple consecutive blasts of energy at opponents. Each blast can give off a flash of light that can blind more than one opponent, Bakugan and MechFrame alike.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Ancora Anchorage:

Gate CardsEdit


  • Ancora means "hope" in Latin.


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