Akuma and Raidne
Chronological Information
Male Akuma
Female Raidne
Male Age 19
Female Age 19
First Appearance TBA
Theme TBA
Current Status: Together

This article focuses on the relationship of Akuma and Raidne, who are two Bakugan.


Akuma, a Matrix Darkus Splight, is the husband of Raidne, a Tartaronian Pyrus Spatterix.


Akuma first met Raidne when Anathema was talking with Leonidas about something. He hugged Raidne, showing that it was "love at first sight". Raidne responded to these feelings by hugging Akuma back.

After about a month of these shared feelings, the two married. Akuma and Raidne later had twin daughters named Enera (a Pyrus Spatterix) and Ligeia (an Aquos/Darkus Splight).

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