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This page comprises of Aides's relationships with other characters.
This page contains all Characters on the wiki that have any kind of Relationship with this character. If you have found a character that exists on the wiki, and has a relationship with this character, but that is not seen on this page please add it.

See Also Edit


occasional combatant


One of Aides' friends


Friend. While they are friends, sometimes Aides is confused and annoyed by his antics. Despite this, they remain good friends.


Faviola is Aides' former girlfriend and one of his friends.

Angelus LapisEdit

Angel is a friend of Aides.

Brawley X MasterzEdit

Masters is one of Aides' best friends and rivals. They are members of Catfish08's Team Signers and constantly duel to see if Masters is better with Slifer the Sky Dragon or if Aides is better with Obelisk the Tormentor. Masters always joked about how Aides' Signer Mark is a "curved line".


Friend of Aides and occasional combatant


Halahie is the first girl Aides met on the game (and, alongside her, was tormented by her friend, who was jokingly calling them a couple).


ex leader of the Black Rose.


Aides and Blazewind are pretty good friends. They sometimes hang out with each other and talk.


AkuaPha is Aides' Fluffy Hair admirer.


Quinton is Aides friend, and rival.


Ingramhelixx is a friend of Aides.


Apocalypse is a friend of Aides.


Catfish08 is one of Aides many friends, who now goes by Crow. Crow considers Aides to be one of his best friends and has often turned to him for comfort and support when he feels down.

Obelisk the TormentorEdit

Obelisk the Tormentor is Aides' Egyptian God Card. Aides made a deck based around summoning it with the ability of Hardened Armor, which makes it nearly unstoppable.

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