Prepare for your annihilation!

Achilles, Ready for battle.

266px-Pyrus Akwimos
Type Pyrus Akwimos
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Gender Male
Attribute 20px-PyrusIcon Pyrus
Power 850 G
Variations Akwimos
Brawler Blazewind
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Achilles is Blazewind's Pyrus Akwimos.


Despite that he is an Akwimos, he can't swim. Instead he uses his fiery speed to run across or go through.


Achilles is a strong Bakugan. Sometimes he judges others too quick and can be very cocky and ignorant. He also likes to sing (others get annoyed by his singing), he'll sing any thing but "country". He usually has problems with Tasin, as Achilles purposely annoys Tasin and they end up arguing. In battles, he doesn't take stuff really serious unless if it's a Life-Or-Death match.


Achilles was a wild and free Bakugan wondering around in his own. He thinks he is the most happiest Bakugan ever to be born. When he had his first battle, he thought it was the most amazing thing he experienced and battled more Bakugan. When he thought battling in his own without a partner was no fun he searched and searched for one until Blazewind found him.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Fire Claw: Achilles gains 400 G's.
  • Flame Tanto: Opponent's G's decrease by 300.
  • Fire Screen: Opponent's Gate is nullified.
  • Slash: When the opponent just played a Fusion Ability, the ability is nullified.
  • Cut: Opponent's ability is nullified.
  • Heat Cut: All abilities that are played within the 4 turns, the advantage in the ability goes to Achilles.
  • Claw shoot: Opponent's Bakugan is frozen for 2 turns.
  • Gun Flame: Takes away 600 G's off the opponent and adds it to Achilles.
  • Flame Distortion: If there are at least two Bakugan battling against Achilles, one of them can stay in battle and the rest of them returns.
  • Fiery Greed: If Achilles is at least 200 G's below opponent's G's, Achilles gains 500 and Opponent's decrease by 300.
  • Rising Fire:
  • Fire Strike:
  • Flame Hex:


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