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Ace Phangaton
Type ...
First appearance None
Gender Male
Attribute Darkus
Power 500 Gs
Variations ...
Brawler Zola
Battle Gear ...
Themes ...
Main Adversary ...
Your wish is my command
Ace is a darkus bakugan that belongs to Zola. He is also her Guardian Bakugan.



Ace is a strong bakugan and loyal to his brawler. He is known as a respectful bakugan. He shows no mercy during a battle and does anything to win it.


Not much is known about Ace except being an orphan and living alone. He trained for years alone in a forest until Zola found him and took him as her Bakugan, ever since that day the two have brawled together.

Ability CardsEdit

  • Fang Bite: Transfers 500Gs from the opponent to Ace.
  • Hornet Pierce: Steals all of the opponents Gs and transfers them to Ace.
  • Ray Stinger: Steals 500 Gs from the opponent.
  • Hornet Assasin: Doubles Ace's G-Power.
  • Dark Barrier: Nullifies all of the opponents abilities.
  • Time Freeze: Paralyzes the opponent for two turns.


  • He is Zola's first Bakugan.


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